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About Us

At Ecto Protein, we are passionate about delivering top-notch Protein and Nutrition drinks that fuel your active lifestyle. Founded by Aaron and Mike, two individuals with extensive experience in the drinks industry, our brand was born out of a shared desire to create products that would enhance our own workouts and support the health and fitness journeys of others.


Long time friends Mike and Aaron met back in college while studying engineering and became good friends while making a small scale race car for their school project. During this they realized they both shared the same passion for quality and hard work.

Aaron, before meeting Mike in college spent 5 years in the United States Marine Corps where he was heavily involved in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Long days of pushing the body to its limit was an immediate realization how important quality suppliments and nutrition are to recovery and keep pushing your body day in and day out. Since school Aaron has been in the brewing and packaging industry for over 8 years making everything from beer and spirits to coffee.

Mike has been an athlete his entire life, playing hockey through college and maintain his physical fitness through multiple training methods. Ranging from traditional strength training, CrossFit, mountain biking and hockey. Through his years of training and playing elite level hockey, Mike has always had to focus on nutritional needs through food and supplements.

Why Don't You?!

When a random comment about making their own ready-to-drink protein drink turned into a detailed plan, Mike and Aaron knew they had an opportunity to not only make a quality drink but bring new concepts to market as well. Utilizing Aaron's beverage industry background and Mike's knowledge of nutrition and supplements, Ecto Protein was born.

Focused not only on meeting the needs of the gym regular, but also the people with an active lifestyle, on the go schedule and those focused on a good diet.

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